Work-Friendly WiFi Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Bars

Discover new places

If you're a lean startup owner looking for a coffee shop to bootstrap out of, a student trying to find a café to study, or just need a restaurant to plug in your phone and use WiFi to stream some music, WiFinder can help you find the best place near you.

WiFinder uses your location to search nearby, or search anywhere in the world if you want to find places before traveling.

Determine your needs

WiFinder can tell you how strong place's WiFi signal is, according to ratings by other users. You can also determine where to visit based on WiFriendliness factors (how many seats a place has, whether there are outlets, and whether it's a computer friendly environment).

Please consider donating!

If you'd like to support this project, please consider donating. WiFinder is currently supported by one developer (me!) who would like to continue adding features to make this app more useful for startups, students, and entrepreneurs. Even a small donation will help!